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Dragon Mix Glitter

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Dragon Mix Glitter 5ml tubs

Our beautiful Dragon Mix biodegradable glitter is a fabulous alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Plant based, cosmetic grade, cruelty free and 100% gorgeous and sparkly, this is the planet friendly way to add some sparkle to your life.

This lovely bioglitter is hex cut and contains mixed sizes, measuring approx. 0.4mm-2.4mm.

At a glance:

    Plant based


    Cruelty free

    GM free

    Eco friendly 

    Cosmetic grade

    Allergen free

    Antimony free

    Indefinite shelf life

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Suitable for

    Wax melts and candles

    Bath bombs, bubble baths, shower gels, nail polish and other cosmetic products

    Festival glitter, glitter tattoos and make up

    Weddings, Christenings, Communions

    Birthday parties and face painting

    Jewellery making

    Resin art

    Craft projects


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