Making diffusers/Mikado's.
Diffusers are a great addition to your line, they are quick and easy to make and very effective. Here you can find out how to make diffusers to add to your product line.
First of all scents are allowed or are suitable for diffusers. 
You can find which of my scents have the correct allowed percentages by clicking the fragrance oils for diffusers section on my website. 
Making diffusers is very easy but not all scents work in them so testing each one is a must. 
Typically people use between 15-25% Fragrance oil and the rest is made up using our Elite diffuser base. 
Pour into a bottle and mix, This mixture is ready to use immediately. 
Then all you have to do is add your reeds to your mixture (I like 7/8) then immediately turn them around and then in around 5 days do the same again and turn them regularly to refresh the scent in the room. 
The elite diffuser base is a non hazardous base which means the CLP does not change. 
Diffusers work great in small areas such as bathrooms and hallways. 
Many candle makers add a care card in with their diffusers advising customers how to get the best from their diffusers and also advising them that it is best to keep your diffuser on a coaster or small tray as the base if spilled with affect furniture and wood.