Frequenty Asked Questions

Q - Where do you ship from and will there be any import duty? 

A - I ship from mainland Spain and import duty will depend on the country you are in, If it is the EU then no you will not be subject to any duties. If you are in the UK then it will depend on how much you spend if you will be subject to any duties or not

Q - How much is postage?

A - As I post to so many countries it varies from country to country and also the weight of your products also has a lot to do with it. I do however offer a subsidised parcel service for small fragrance oil bundles so and you can find a list of the up to kg and standard small parcel prices for many countries on my website. 

Q - What percentages of oil should I use in my wax?

A - This will depend on many things for example the wax you use, the scent and also the product you intend on making. In wax melts typically people use 10% fragrance oil and in candles you would start at 8% and test from there but typically its between 6-8% that is used in candles but with both it is best to test your own percentages to see what works best in your wax and products.