What is the difference between Container Wax & Pillar Wax

Here in Spain waxes are explained a little differently to the rest of Europe so I wanted to explain to you all the differences between the waxes as my waxes all come from out with Spain.
I wanted to offer name brand waxes as I feel it's better for your research and testing because you can research the wax and learn more about the product your working with and the more we know about a product the better we can use it 
There are 2 wax tabs on my website
Container waxes - C3 & Kerawax 4130 soy, Eco olive - Cera de bajo punto de fusión
  • This wax is softer and is made to stick to the container that your pour it into.
  • It's perfect for any candle containers.
  • I am often asked if this wax can it be used for wax melts?
  • Yes it can but because it's so soft it would not de-mould from the moulds as well as it should and this would affect the look of it.
  • Scent throw would not change but visually it doesn't look as good.



Pillar waxes - Kerawax 4120 (soy) & Kerawax 4600 (Paraffin)  - Alto punto de fusion
  • This wax is much harder and is perfect for the stand alone pillar candles, body candles ect.
  • It is also perfect for wax melts as it's harder so will de-mould easily and your wax melts would hold a good shape.
  • Can it be used for container candles?
  • Well yes it can, however it will not stick to the glass as it should so visually it wouldn't look as good as it could.

Ecosoy Melt Blend 

  • This is a little different to the others and is made specifically for use in wax melts, It is not recommended for candle making