Which of our scents do not need UFI Codes?

Here in the EU it is necessary to register some of your products that use fragrance oils with ECHA and here you can find the guide for it - https://poisoncentres.echa.europa.eu/.../4f01baa5-40f1...

Also if you feel that you would prefer someone else to do it for you then Sarah at https://clpservicesforcandlemakers.co.uk/ offers a UFI registration service. Sarah also offers house blend SDS and CLP services so if you are looking to combine 2 or 3 scents to make your own then she can create the correct documentation for you to do so and she does so at a special rate for our customers so be sure to mention your one of our customers and using our scents. 

The good news 

Not all scents need registered and to help you see easily which of our scents do not we have compiled a spreadsheet for you and it can also be found in the listing of the fragrance oil itself. 

If a fragrance does not have the warning exclamation mark (warning trigger) at 10% then that fragrance does not require a UFI code for your 10% products. If it does not show at 25% then you do not need a ufi code for your products which are between 10-25% 

Spreadsheet of warning triggers for UFI codes