Egg Nog Fragrance Oil

Egg Nog Fragrance Oil - Discontinued

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Egg Nog Fragrance Oil

A creamy warm fragrance with nutmeg and spices.

  • Top: Dark Rum, Cinnamon
  • Mid: Creamy Eggnog, Clove Bud
  • Bottom: Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean

 Buy 5 get 1 free on 50ml and 150ml sizes.

    Spanish Fragrance Oil supplier of high quality vegan candle and wax oils.

    Not tested on animals and paraben and phthalate free



    SDS 10%

    SDS 25%

    SDS 100% English

    SDS 100% Spanish

    Classification Information - Please check the IFRA for further information

    CLP 10% - No Warning pictogram

    CLP 25% -Warning pictogram

    Maximum Percentages for the following products

    Diffusers - 2.79%

    Soap - 2.79%

    Recommended percentages for fragrance oils in wax.

    Candles - It is recommended to start at around 8% for testing and typically 6-8% of fragrance is used in candles but you must do your own tests as some fragrances are more stronger than others and some are more subtle and the wax and wicks you use can also cause variants.

    Wax melts - Typically you would use 10% in wax melts but again it is best to make your own tests as 10% is just a guide


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    stunning !

    An absolute favorite! I'm not a fan of cinnamon but love the other spices and this scent is gorgeous ! A very strong hot throw in wax melts. I freaking love it!

    Egg Nogg - Delicious

    This is a truly stunning christmas spice fragrance. Deep with a hint of sweetness. Stunning. Absolutely love it

    Vanessa Verni

    Egg Nog Fragrance Oil